The choice of material

Our decorative items are made of acrylic resin.

Acrylic resin is made of gypsum (a plaster stone) and an acrylic component without solvents or VOCs, which makes it a more environmentally friendly material.

It is resistant to shock and heat and hardens in the open air.

We reuse all waste acrylic resin by using it for other creations. It therefore avoids making waste.

Acrylic resin also allows a wide range of possibilities and tailor-made creations.

The choice of craftsmanship

All the pieces offered are created by hand in our workshop in Seine et Marne (France).

They are then sanded and varnished with a waterproofing agent.

Each piece is unique, there may be small differences, so we cannot guarantee that you will receive the exact copy of the piece illustrated in the photo.

By buying from a small designer, you help support craftsmanship and consume more ethically and responsibly.